Thursday, February 01, 2007

Bang, bang. My phone is dead

Even in Australia, with the conveniences of online banking and the presence of fridge magnets at home for putting messages at eye level, I was bill-paying challenged. Not out of any malicious, corporate-hating sentiment, just because I forgot.

Life in Kyiv was always going to be a challenge. But, with my SIM sorted out by Mr Moi's work, I thought the magic phone bill fairy (or Mr Moi) would pay my phone bill for me.

In the past couple of weeks, I've been getting many a frenzied text message, in Ukrainian, from my provider. Seeing as I don't know Ukrainian, I figure if it's so important, they wouldn't be telling my by text message. Deleted!

Over the weekend, the intensity of these messages increased. Despite getting two per day, I still thought they were just trying to tell me that I'd missed a lot of calls (from my imaginary friends). Budlaska, dyakukye!

But yesterday afternoon, between the hours of four and six, my phone stopped working. I tried ringing Mr Moi, but instead got a pre-recorded voice that lambasted me about something, I'm not sure what. But she sure went on for a while. I should have just hung up, but I didn't, so I listened and felt guilty, like a scolded school kid.

This morning I gave the phone to Mr Moi to take to work with instructions to 'please fix'. There, his colleague-cum-translator listened to the lambasting message (minus the guilt), and told Mr Moi he hasn't paid the bill. Since November. That's fine, said Mr Moi to his colleague-cum-translator. I'll happily pay the bill. If only I'd received one.

I've racked up a couple of hundred dollars worth of calls. To the UK, to Kazakhstan, to Ukraine. From Kazakhstan, from Ukraine.

So I'm currently without a phone, and likely to be until we figure out how to actually pay the bill...

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Beccy said...

I'm sure you've mentioned it before but skype is pretty good (I'm a newcomer to it)!