Monday, February 05, 2007

Don't go to Australia. It's too dangerous

In the Murdoch empire's never-ending quest to change 'news' to 'sensationalism' in Australia, which is a relatively calm and news-less country, they published an article on their online portal, talking about how many tourists have died in Australia in the past seven years.

Of course, when you read the article, they define 'tourist' as someone who would normally reside overseas - which means students, expats, relatives on long term visits... as well as your average tourist.

And what are the causes of death? one may ask. Street gangs with machine guns? Drivers who don't stop at traffic lights so they don't get shot? Kidnapping? Black market slave trade? Err... No.

The most common cause of death is drowning. Other causes include animal incidents (sharks, crocodiles and eye-gouging koalas), natural causes and car crashes. It seems that a big problem is foreigners adjusting to driving on the left side of the road (when Mr Moi and I were in France in a hire car, there were a few hairy moments as we drove into oncoming traffic).

It is very sad that people lose their lives in Australia. But people die in other countries too. And in the past few years, we've even gotten a bad rap from Lonely Planet, whose most recent edition of the Australia book talks about how dangerous the country is. So people go to New Zealand instead - pooh!

Yes, someone disappeared in the outback, never to be seen again. And yes, backpackers perished in a hostel fire that was deliberately lit. These are tragic events. And there will always be tragic events associated with travel. should leave the Australia bashing to other countries, not instigate it against their own. To me, this article is akin to Australia trying to show off its big guns when really, it's just a geek with big thick specs and a pocket protector.

"Ohhhhh a spider! Run away, run AWAY!"

(If you're reading this, don't go to New Zealand. They talk funny).

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Squishy said...

If your reading this, come to Australia, that's where New Zealanders prefer to live.

Chick you are so funny. I totally love your blog. I think it is the first one I have read that makes me laugh. Keep up the fabulous work.