Thursday, February 15, 2007

Holy holes in my socks, Batman!

It's official. I've run out of socks.

One of the downsides of wearing boots is that they give me a bad case of 'holes in the socks'.

My flat feet have been pampered their whole lives. They've never been shoved into high heels for more than a couple of hours at a time. They're kept free of shoes as much as possible. And when they're forced into shoes, it's usually a pair of nice, soft, comfy trainers.

Then came the time to buy boots in Kyiv.

There are boots everywhere in this town, but nary a pair without six-inch heels and lots of tassles and studs. So when I found a pair of flat-soled boots, I snapped them right up. What I didn't consider was that the toe of the boot was rather low - unlike my toes. So my toes are constantly rubbing on the inside of the boot.

As a result, every sock I own has two holes in it - one from when I wore it on the left foot. And one from when I wore it on the right.

I occasionally get embarrassed about the holes when I doff my shoes in posh people's houses. The other downside is when the holey sock I'm wearing has a giant hole, which cuts off circulation in my toe.

But I had to wonder if it's time to pull out the sewing kit when, visiting my friend's house, her three year old daughter ran up to me, sighing with disappointment. "Little Miss Moi," she said. "You don't have any holes in your socks today!"

That a three year old noticed that 'holes in the socks' is the norm is worrysome in itself. More worrying was that I'd purposely worn these un-holey socks (my only pair) to cover the ten holes in my stockings underneath.

I felt like I'd been outsmarted by a three year old.


Anonymous said...

I've got plenty that I never wear in my drawer. I would send you some except I don't have an address for you. don't they sell socks in Kyiv?? I'll bring some in Sept - just in time for your second winter.

Willowtree said...

Hey LMM, you may see a slight increase in traffic tomorrow as I've put up a post and linked to you. But then again you may not, just letting you know.

Pamela said...

I have holes in my sock heels.
I have pronation (flat feet caused by disintigration of the arch)...
so I know the shoe problem.

I can't wear a dress because with my clodhopper shoes I look like a tea pot.

nice to meet you... here from Willowtree.

Little Miss Moi said...

Dear Mama Moi. They do sell socks in Kyiv. But you have forgotten my particular knee sock fetish, and all my damaged socks are my beloved ones that were sourced from places as far and wide as Japan. And Newtown. And K-mart. Now read next comment and click through to willowtree's blog for a pic that you'll like.

Dear willowtree. Thanks! I am a bit embarrassed. But now I'm also scared. I hope these people do not expect translations. You've pretty much stretched me. And thanks for the photo of President's hill. My mum will like that too.

Dear pamela. Thanks for visiting. You have the same name as my mum! She likes to tell me very often that it means she's as sweet as honey. Sometimes I feel like that's true. Only sometimes, like today when she offered to buy me socks...

I probably have pronation. I have never visited a foot doctor. But both my brother who won't marry his dyevushka and I have flat feet. The rest of the family just have a big second toe (I dodged that bullet).

I understand how you feel in dresses! That's why I simply can't wear high heels. Even at my wedding, they were under the table and I was barefoot.

In Australia I only ever wore thongs. That's Australian for flip flops.

Brian said...

Hi Miss Moi. Willowtree asked me to stop by and say hello. :)

I read back through a few posts, thank you for the tour... and the extra glowing head.

The very nice man said...

You are lucky!! I once had a hole in my foot!! They had to cut out a big verruca which left a nice hole! Took about 2 months to heal up during which time aI was Hop-along-Cassidy!
With regards to the holes in your socks . . I bet you got cute toes!

Anonymous said...
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Little Miss Moi said...

Dear Mum. I 'accidentally' deleted your comment. Please don't tell people how old I am. A lady's age is her best kept secret. Also, I don't know who this Brooke person is you keep referring to.

Anonymous said...

Geeeees Miss Moi after 40 years it is hard to not call you by your correct name!!! Aren't you supposed to be at your Russian Lessons!!??

Jenny said...

Boots, kneesock fetishes and overly large big toes. You are my long-lost sister.

PS. Willowtree sent me.

Little Miss Moi said...

Dear mum. While flying on aircraft in the former soviet union has added years to my life, it hasn't added that many.

Dear Jenny. Welcome! We must indeed have things in common. In particular, I really like your Ken story. Ah. Reminds me of my own semi-stalking tendencies. And gave me a chuckle.

Katie McKenna said...

Hello there! Swinging by from Willowtree's. I don't speak Russian so I shan't need a translation. :)

I did laugh because I'd forgotten flip flops were called thongs way back when!

I prefer boots or going barefoot myself.

Have a wondrous day!

Vicki said...

I see why Willowtree likes you. You can make a post interesting about something most people overlook. He has the same ability.

Wonderful to meet you. I look forward to reading more.

theotherbear said...

Aren't they still called thongs? I thought only poms called them flip flops. I'm wearing some now! (It sure beats holey socks and boots.)

Also here from Willowtree's place.

Little Miss Moi said...

Dear Brian. Thanks for the visit. Anytime you want to save on the electricity bill, I'll be happy to set you up with a glowing limb.

Dear very nice man. Hmm I have only heard of Veruca Salt which is a rock and roll band and if they took up residence in your foot, that was rather unkind, and I imagine, rather painful. I'm glad the doctor cut them out! (just googled verruca) - OUCH!

Dear katie mckenna. Thanks for visiting. I prefer barefoot too, but there's the added danger here of the loogies so I'm not sure I will pull out the thongs in summer either... You have a wonderous day too!

Dear Vicki. Aw shucks. You're always welcome.

Dear the other bear. Your photo makes me giggle. Yes, they are still called thongs. But I live in a world where I only know two other Aussies - my husband and a colleague of his. The only other people who understand my vernacular are the poms. And unfortunately, they don't agree with me on this one. Enjoy your thongs!

I guess the question to everyone is, what do you call togs? I.e., those things you swim in.

olechko said...

talk about tassels and studs... Join the UGG family!