Wednesday, February 07, 2007

It's alright, God's on my side

The purveyours of all things Godly, religious, and spiritual - John Safran and Father Bob Maguire - gave us a shoutout on their show (and podcast), Sunday Night Safran. In, like, the first three minutes.

You see... In Australia, Mr Moi and I fell asleep every night listening to the radio, usually ABC Newsradio, which, during the night, switches over to NPR or BBC. Here in Kyiv, we fall asleep to podcasts.

Mr Moi and I survive Kyiv on podcasts, and every Tuesday we download the podcast of 'Sunday Night Safran'. It's a radio show on Triple J with John Safran (an Australian Jew) and Father Bob (and Australian Catholic priest), who previously collaborated on a funny show about religion, 'Speaking in Tongues' (look at those competition winners).

Last Wednesday, I woke up feeling absolutely buggered, because Mr Moi and I could not sleep for the entire duration of the hour-and-a-half podcast the night before. We were laughing too hard at Safran and Father Bob to think about sleeping.

Imagine Mr Moi's surprise last night as we listened to this week's podcast and heard Safran and Father Bob greeting their podcast listeners in Ukraine. And explaining the concept of drought for listeners in Ukraine....

Little does Mr Moi know the mischief a bored wife with broadband and an email account can create. Fan mail (stalking?). It obviously works.

You can download the podcast here or, for the next week or so, stream it through the program site. Funny stuff.


Natalie said...

I take it Father Bob and John don't know you are Aussie expats.

vee said...


enid said...

enid and the man survive exactly the same way. they're big fans of british mac -

one day they were driving through kernib when will (the podcaster) read out their names and said hello. the man nearly crashed the car, he was so surprised.

Little_Miss_Moi said...

Dear Natalie. They probably do. But I also think they are the types to exaggerate things for the joke. Like Fr Bob saying Mr Moi and I are in jail. For those wondering, no we are not. But we are in Ukraine... so... hm.

Dear Vee. You'd better believe it. But I know you're just as good a stalker as moi.

Dear enid. I would have crashed the car too! What an honour. I'm sure that, on that almost crashing day, the man looked like he drove like a local for once, not a mild mannered Londonian.

But how does one show gratitude for sucf a shoutout? Sit back and play it cool? Write another email and stalk them harder? Leave it for a couple of weeks? Ideas are welcome...