Wednesday, January 31, 2007


Another blog post down the drain. All because I tried to select all with ctrl-A. It's 11:30pm and I was cranky and tired anyway, and now I'm even more cranky and tired.

Today I went on a 'ladies who lunch' tour to a Babi Yar memorial for the 37,000 Jews who were murdered over a two-day period during WWII, and St Cyril's Monastery, which is an old, Kiev Rus period church with great artwork inside.

I know the following reasons don't really justify my crankiness, especially considering I went to a very sobering memorial for tens of thousands of murdered Jews and a church that was ruined by atheist-Soviets. But to sum up why I became cranky and tired:
  • Was late to the rendezvous point by 10 minutes because the buses and taxis wouldn't stop for me
  • Once with the group, we caught a zillion marshrutkas to get to St Cyril's, I'm not kidding. I hate those suspension-free-zone minivans
  • My toes froze about three times. I'm surprised they are still on my feet
  • I had two cameras. One of them is big and heavy and a pain to carry around. For most of the day, neither of them would work
  • After you have dwelt on the injustice of the previous point, imagine my annoyance when it turned out neither would work as a result of my own stupidity. One camera didn't have a battery in it. The other has a dead battery, and the spare was in the wrong place so I couldn't find it for the majority of the day
  • Got yelled at by a trolleybus full of Ukrainians for getting off at the wrong stop
  • After all of this, I had to go to the supermarket and purchase about 30kgs of groceries which I carried home on my back.

Add to the mix freezing cold temperatures - it was minus nine, and about minus 20 windchill. The final straw was blogger mysteriously deleting my long and descriptive blog post.

Grrr. Well, I've just finished taking out the double-spacing blogger inserted into this post when I uploaded the pics. It's time to go to bed.

How was your day?


enid said...

nice photos!

olechko said...

is that the st. Cyril's church around which is all this scandal about painting over frescoes? I meant to go over there a while ago!

Little_Miss_Moi said...

Dear Olechko. Yes, they uncovered frescoes that were covered with plaster years and years ago. And now they are repainting/restoring them. It does look beautiful all painted, considering the originals were all but ruined by the plastering. But obviously not authentic.