Friday, January 19, 2007

Will the real shoe fetishist please stand up?

I am in a state of heightened concern.

I was just looking at my flickr page and was alarmed to see that the photo of my bew-di-ful legs with their fur-lined boots has been viewed 43 times?! I mean, I know the sight of my legs is enough to set hearts racing, but 43 times viewed is a little alarming compared with an average of six views per every other picture.

All I can say is that I'm scared. Is someone stalking me on the net? Is a so-called 'friend' to whom I emailed my flickr link really a sordid recruiter/spy for a criminal shoe-fetishist ring? Are my precious pins going to turn up on websites that, if they were a phone number, would start with 1800 and end with XXX? And only be advertised after midnight on channel 10?

All I can say to you, Mr/s Shoe Fetishist, is that I'm a humble, unemployed young lady. If you're making money off my legs... I want a cut too.

(If you just happen to be reading this post, and are curious about my potentially money making legs, you can make an appraisal by looking at my flickr site here. But when you're making me an offer, just remember: I won't don my boots for less than $10,000 per day.)

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