Sunday, March 04, 2007

Sprung is spring (hang on, I'm not a kiwi), and Sunday lunch

(In case you're wondering why I've posted a Sunday post on a Monday, it's because our darling internet provider saw fit to leave us with access for the past 24 hours or so).

Today, Mr Moi and I 'entertained'. Which is an achievement in itself, as it's not exactly easy to fit more than him and me inside out 50 square metres. Or, be organised enough to entertain.

Nevertheless, we did. But before we could 'entertain', we had to go shopping. And in typical Moi fashion, we only felt the pressure to prepare at 11:30am, which is exactly 1.5 hours before our guests were due to arrive.

"Oh shiza, we'd better go to MegaMarket and purchase some actual food, otherwise our guests will eat gruel," said I to Mr Moi.

So off we popped to MegaMarket to save our guests from the hell that is gruel (or Ukrainian takeout. Same difference, really).

And, as Murphy himself dictated it would be, when you're in a bloody hurry for the first time ever in the history of your living in this town and entertaining - you run into someone you know. And not just one person, but three.

Yes, that's right. I've been in this town for going on five months, and I've never run into anyone I know at MegaMarket, but today I run into three people. Being the nice gal I am, I have to stop and share my life story with all.

I never shop on Sundays, and if I did, it wouldn't be before midday, by choice. Obviously, english speaking women do.

The good news is the guests were about an hour late, which gave me enough time to clean the kitchen before they came, and I felt like a good wife.

Und, vot vas on ze menu?

Fresh tomato in garlic, onion, olive oil and parsley, served on grilled bread rubbed with garlic
Home made hommous
Ukrainian sushi (flatbread spread with cream cheese, pickles and dill, layered with smoked salmon, rolled up and cut into sushis and topped with caviar mmMMmmMMmMm)

Mediterranean chicken (chicken breasts cooked in dried fruits, olives, capers, wine and red wine vinegar) on a bed of cous cous
Rucola salad with stuffed olives and coriander in a garlic, sumac and red wine vinegar dressing

Strawberries mascerated in sugar and balsamic vinegar, with ice cream.

Do you you wish you'd been invited?


Sabrina said...

Yummy!!!! Way to go for entertaining!!! A huge task in an unfamiliar and tiny space!!! We have not taken that leap yet but will soon enough!!! Can't wait for Fun Monday!

Beccy said...

Yes I do, I take it the invite was lost in the post!

Simone said...

what can i say ms brookus, you must put together your own cookbook - another culinary feast!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Simone didn't say Miss Moi!!! Does she know what you look like??? Won't be long now til you're back here in Aus for a visit!!

Robin said...

Mmmm, for the dessert alone, three of my favorites in combo with one another? Mmmmmm :)

zandria said...

Whaaaat? Did you make all that stuff from scratch or buy it already prepared? I'm impressed! :)

Claudia said...

sounds very good. are we invited next time?

ChrisB said...

I wish I could be this relaxed about entertaining, I start hours- no days before. It's sods law to bump into people when you are in a hurry. Menu sounds good.

pumpernickel said...

What an absolutely fantastic menu! Sounds delicious.

Simone said...

My apologies anonymous....what was I thinking!!!!??? Mis Moi you are the queen of entertaining! Lookin forward to seeng you in oz - any word on ETA

theotherbear said...

That sounds just fantastic, yes I wish I was invited!

Little Miss Moi said...

Dear sabrina. Yes, entertaining. Doesn't matter that we don't have a table and chairs. The four of us just sat around with plates on our knees...

Dear beccy. Yes, sorry, maybe I didn't get the invites out soon enough? Next time, next time...

Dear simone. Can't go anywhere without a menu developing in my little mind! Nothing's changed

Dear mum. You'll scare simone - shhh!

Dear robin. Yes, that dessert is the simplest way to prepare strawbs and tastes oh so great! Can serve with ice cream, marscapone or cream... MMmmMMmM!

Dear Zandria. Yes from scratch but verrra verrra easy to do. I will email you my cheating recipes!

Dear claudia. You are defo invited next time. I'm already formulating a menu in my mind... You're job to take pictures!

Dear chrisb. My major shortcoming is my lack of motivation until the deadline is upon moi. I guess that's why I was good working in journalism and PR.

Dear pumpernickel. It was very delish, but I'm still craving that yummy pumpernickel sanga recipe you posted a couple of weeks ago MMmmMM.

Dear Simone. Deets in zee email!

Dear theotherbear. I'll have to post some recipes cause I'm a low effort person. So then you can make yourself and taunt me with good food from half a world away!

Squishy said...

Alright chick where are the photos of this feast? Sounds sensational. Your a woman of many talents.