Friday, March 02, 2007

The splosh cliche

I've seen it happen so many times in the movies, but never believed it.

I don't know why I doubted it could happen - perhaps because Australia has lovely big stormwater drains to cope with tropical downpours.

I really didn't think it was possible for a car to drive past, and splash the happy footpath dweller from head to foot.

Now I know better.

Walking to the bank with Mr Moi today, we were in a hurry, as I had to be back on the other side of town for my Russian lesson by 1:30pm - and we were dead keen on fitting lunch in beforehand.

Today is a truly rainy day in Kyiv, and it's subsequently melted all the snow that was laying around. The pock-marked pavements resemble miniature lakes. The uneven roads have become swimming pools.

As I was standing grumpily wet on a street corner, waiting to cross the road, a bulky, black-windowed Merc zooms past at an 'up-yours' 100kms per hour.

I couldn't jump back quick enough. I was drenched from head to toe in slimy brown water.

Yay for spring! Lucky I hadn't blowdried my hair this morning.


zandria said...

Ugh! Not just water, but "slimy brown water?" Jeez, what a horrible experience. Sorry about that. :(

Beccy said...

I did that to someone recently. I didn't see them (honest) when I drove through the ginormous puddle.

I was mortified.

My children were hysterical.

Robin said...

Dear Little Miss Moi,

I can imagine the look of shock, then repulsion on your face.

Well, I could if I knew what you looked like ;).

Sorry you got to experience this up close and personal, it couldn't have happened to a nicer Aussie!

Anonymous said...

Ohhh, that sucks. I'm sorry. You seem to be handling it much better than I would, probably by crying and refusing to blog. :)

Karmyn said...

Oh you poor lady.

I didn't know that could really happen.

slimy brown water - I hope you have bleach.

Pam said...

Hey Bee just like in Bridget Jones' diary 2!!!!

Pamela said...

well curses on bulky black merc.

Really a mercury? as in an American car?

ChrisB said...

I've been splashed but never covered from H2T poor you. The stormdrains where I live are rarely cleaned and we get a lot of huge puddles after severe rain so I'm surprised this doesn't happen more often ( maybe I just don't see it).

Claudia said...

So sorry to hear it!! I was always paranoid about this when I lived in Baltimore after I saw some of the splashes a car could make!!

Leann said...

you poor girl that is not fun.yuck.Have a good weekend.God bless.

Willowtree said...

I didn't want to leave a comment, because it would just prove how crass I really am, but that was really funny!!

enid said...

poo, that's sucks. still, at least it's nice and warm this weekend. almost spring-like!

vee said...

i often get sploshed walking from breakfast point to the bus stop in concord in the mornings (they don't maintain the roads on the outside as well as they do in desperate housewives land). thanks for the heads up, i made sure i had my umbrella on the defensive when i heard a car coming up from behind me this morning!

Little Miss Moi said...

Dear zandria. Yep, it was slimy. Because the drainage isn't... the best... the water can sit in puddles long enough to become stagnant.

Dear beccy. Umm mahh. I'm glad you felt a little regret. And I'm glad the kids found it funny.

Dear robin. Hahah you're as bad the VNM. Perhaps a photo will come one day. I was just sad I didn't get one of the covered from head to toe in mud!

Dear melissa. I was placated with a lunch of so-so mexican food. And despite being so-so, it has more flavour than a lot of things here so I was happy.

Dear karmyn. No I don't have bleach - I have a black coat!!

Dear mum. Yep, exactly like that. Which I watched a bodgy turkish copy of the other day.

Dear pamela. Nope, not a mercury (is there really such a car?). I Mercedes. The dark tinted window variety are very popular over here.

Dear chrisb. Also, perhaps people are more used to it, and they have the common sense to avoid it. Unlike moi.

Dear claudia. Well, I'll be paranoid from now on too. Just another neurosis to add to the list!

Dear leann. Nope, not fun. But it helps to laugh about it after you blog it.

Dear willowtree. Aussie blokes are all the same. Mr Moi thought it was funny too.

Dear enid. Yes, I believe it was positively spring like this weekend too! I smelt it in the air.

Dear vee. Yes the Canada Bay council are a bit lax about keeping the roads nice. They're so old, that the bitumen has been bleached to grey by the sun over the eons since the roads were done! Oh well, hopefully you'll have more luck in the hills.