Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Australia: the land of the young and free (oh.. wait a sec..)

[Competition alert. Read on...]

Okay so I stole that tagline from the Americans.

But I oh so often have a whinge with my blog friend
Sabrina about the trials and tribulations of moving from a Land of Big Shopping Centres and Lots of Other Stuff to a Land of Not Much of Anything, Really.

And, as Murphy himself predicted, now I'm back in Oz, can I think of anything I've been craving to purchase for the past six months? 'Course not.

I have exactly one week left in the Land of Big Shopping Centres and Lots of Other Stuff. And I want my readers to help me find Stuff.

Announcing the inaugural...

Little Miss Moi Scavenger Hunt

To participate, simply leave, in the comments, details of something you want me to find.

I'll then hunt it out, catch it, sedate it and provide a humane piccy before releasing it into the wild (orright that was a joke you RSPCA types).

Nahh, really, I shall actually provide a photo of your request, with a description of how bloody difficult it was to find it.

If I can't find it, then I'll come up with a really good excuse and maybe even send you a prize for being so clever to outsmart moi (note the emphasis on the maybe, as my guess will be that everyone will outsmart me. And I won't be able to afford that many prizes).

There's one rule: You can't send me on a hunt of landmarks you know aren't in Australia (e.g. the White House). I might make up some other rules as I go along.


Why a scavenger hunt?
Firstly, I want to prove Australia is the Land of Shopping Centres and Other Stuff. I will repeat the scavenger hunt back in Kyiv, and prove that it's the Land of Not Much of Anything, Really.

This will keep me busy for a few days and be a bit of fun and all.

Shouldn't you be busy going out and seeing people rather than scavenging?
Yes. I should. But I'm not. The Hunt will help tear me away from English speaking telly, which I am really loving at the moment. In a way a girl should never love a telly...

So please tell me to go forage.

That's all the FAQ I can think of.

In other news altogether...

I will disappear this weekend, but you must check in again next week to see photos of my visit to Paradise (where my brother lives). Cream on the travelling cake, people.


ChrisB said...

Because you are in the land of vegimite and I have recently been on a hunt for 'guinness marmite' (now found some) my challenge is to see if you can find it there even ordinary marmite will do .

Willowtree said...

I'd like to see if you can find a cheap Australian Souvenir that's actually made in Australia.

Also, I'd like a hint as to where that photo in Gosford was taken (I can't make out the shops).

Karmyn said...


I think you should find some Australian wine, followed by a really good French Brie and some nice crisp Fiji apples.

As well as Pavlova in a can.

pumpernickel said...

How about an ostrich egg painted for Easter?

olechko said...

on my way back to Kyiv this week i also went nuts over last-minute shopping. It's quite stressful, I feel for you. Wish you to have a good time finding all the things you put on your list. Cheers,

enidd said...

ok, sorry to be serious and all, but enidd would pay you real money, hard cash, for senseo coffee bags. she thinks you'll look for them a long time in kiev.

Beccy said...

Damn, Mum pinched my idea.

I'm a bit flustered by your claim that I live in 'a Land of Not Much of Anything, Really'. Shame that that not much of anything costs huge amounts of money!

OK, OK i'm buying time whilst waiting for inspiration...

A thimble.

sarahemilyyoungestinthefemily said...

As a fellow non-Ukrainian living in Kiev with nothing to do (and who dies and goes to heaven when returning to the UK and entering Waitrose, M&S etc) please could you hunt down:
- fresh non-irradiated shitakke mushrooms
- decent dry sauvignon blanc under £4 (about 400 UAH)
- natural non-clumpy yoghurt
- cheddar cheese
- free range eggs (or any meat product from happy animals)
- salt & vinegar crisps
- pants not made out of flammable material

That's it for now. Good luck!

Vicki said...

My spyness is coming out.

Get a picture of someone kissing in public.

Talk to someone who is perhaps a social outcast and get their story. Taking thier picture is double points.

How about I reward YOU! =) 1 Dozen Oatmeal cookies sent across the ocean in exchange for spy pictures.


Robin said...

Dear Little Miss Moi,

Here are a few suggestions for your hunt :):
- Heinz Baked Beans ;)
- Kangaroo fur tissue box holder
- Barramundi wallet
- a didgeridoo

Hope you have a FABULOUS time!!!

Anonymous said...

Okay. I can't come up with anything as good as these ideas. Brightly colored tennis shoes? What do you guys call them...trainers? I'm so cosmopolitan. How about a cosmopolitan? That's even better.

Little Miss Moi said...

Okay.. Here's my list thus far:

- Guinness Marmite
- Cheap Aussie souvenir that's made in Aus
- Australian wine
- french brie
- fuji apples
- pav in a can
- Easter ostrich egg
- Senseo coffee bags
- A thimble (?? very random beccy)
- Picture of social outcasts kissing and their story
- Heinz Baked Beans
- Kangaroo fur tissue box holder
- Barramundi wallet
- A dij
- Colourful sneakers

Wow, I'm glad I said I'd only take a photo cause it would cost a bomb to buy all these things!

Dear willowtree. That pic was taken from the front porch of a house in East Gossy.

Dear beccy. Well, I should have specified that Sabrina lives in Cork and I think I've seen you refer to the fact that there's no shopping malls there! You live in a land of Great shopping and Other Stuff, don't worry. Except Guinness Marmite.

Dear Sarah Emily. Wow, your list is something altogether. I'm going to issue myself a totally seperate scav hunt for when I'm back in London the weekend after next.

Leann said...

A picture of a dingo,a picture of a digery do.if there is such a thing.God bless.
and home please find out how much for those neat fir hats I see everyone wearing in the cold weather.I love them.

Willowtree said...

Yep, got it.

Little Miss Moi said...

cool mcgool, willowtree.

Squishy said...

Please find me a cobolt blue kitchen aide food processor?

Beccy said...

Miss Moi, I'm only teasing you. We do have shopping malls in fact I believe one of the biggest in Europe was built recently near my home but they are nothing like the US malls. Also the shops tend to be the same no wal mart or target here.

The Artist formerly Known as Purpleworms (!) said...

Hi, Moi,

I just got back(to the US) from 6 months in Western Australia and found it really hard to find soy creamer over there. (Not soy milk and not artificial non dairy creamer but a soy substitute that tastes good).

Also if you happen to go to any Thai restaurants, I'd love to know what that minced dish (appetizer) is that is served in a Betel leaf. I fell in love with it in Sydney and have never found it anywhere else.

Chrisb - Marmite is easy in Australia (they even had it in Freo)

Willowtree - yes - it is almost impossible to find inexpensive Australia souvenirs made in Australia - that is a good one!

Pamela said...

oh dear I think I'm tooo late.
How about a chinese lady, married to a Puerto Rican, Living in the bronx, vacationing in Sydney, with their adopted aboriginee child.