Wednesday, April 04, 2007

What does a revolutionary do at the end of the day?

S/he goes home of course. Hails a cab, hops in, struggles with the enormous flags, decides to stick them out the window, turns up his ghetto blaster and cranks out Ukrainian anthems while driving down Kreshchatyk.

On our nocturnal walk up to Revoluti, er, I mean Independence Sqaure (Maidan Nezalezhnosti), Mr Moi and I saw quite a few revolutionaries on their way home last night. Music blaring, horns beeping, flags waving. I guess 9:30pm is past their bedtime.

Once at Maidan, I noticed they city has started constructing scaffolding, I guess to put up a stage for all those revolutionary rock concerts.

As to whether it's peaceful or not? Well, I didn't even know about it until Mr Moi rang me to tell me he caught the metro up from work to, "Have a look at the revolution". So there you go.

I'm hoping to have a look tomorrow and snap some pics (too much cleaning today, AND my first Russian lesson for a month!).

For a much more informative view of the revolution, visit enidd. I'm tipping the pink revolution.


mark said...

Sweet. I've never been to a revolution before. I'm kinda jealous. Take lots of pictures, and of course, be safe.

swampwitch said...

Be sure to include a pink boa to complete your outfit.

pumpernickel said...

I have an uneasy feeling from a distance that both sides are playing for keeps this time. I am anxious to see how this plays itself out. Be careful and please post photos.

Willowtree said...

Hey, if you had read your comments you would have known about the Revolution, I mentioned it yesterday.

Keep your head down.

ChrisB said...

Have been following the 'revolution' with interest. Looking forward to seeing what you capture on camera. Hope Russian lesson goes well.

Little Miss Moi said...

Dear uncle mark. Me neither. I'm interested to see if it reaches the levels of the orange revolution. In the six months I've been here, people's optimism about the orange revo has plummeted.

Dear swampy. Thanks! That's a great idea. I even know where to find one here.

Dear pumpernickel. Yes, this will be the big one I think. It's the same two guys going at it basically, and this will be the culmination of over two years of tensions. It's all fairly tame at the mo. I'm waiting til it gets closer to election, as I think that's when the people will really get involved... But there's still no sleep-out tents on Maidan.

Dear willow. I did read the comments, and you did mention it yesterday. It seems that when Mr Moi told me, then a few other things fell into place. Like what your comment meant.

Dear chrisb. yes, it's trickling through the news, and through enidd! I hope my russian lesson goes well - I fear I'm a little rusty.

The very nice man said...

Hey, girl . . you came to the UK and didn't let me know??

Beccy said...

it kind of sounds exciting, looking forward to hearing more.

enidd said...

hey, thanks for the shout out, but enidd thinks she's not so well informed at all. here's to the pink party, what shall we call it?

Karmyn R said...

Now I have another reason to read blogs -

Not being a huge television news watcher or newspaper reader - I had no CLUE there was a revolution going on until you and Enidd told me.

Luciluna said...

LMM - thanks for your supportive comment. I found what I want, we have offered a price, and now we wait. I'm so excited!

Willowtree said...

My comment came out snarkier than it was meant to. I was joking but it didn't look that way when I read it just now.

Claudia said...

I like Swampy's idea of the pink boa. I'll bet you get some interesting pictures

Little Miss Moi said...

Dear very nice man. Sorry, it was a fleeting 'in transit' visit and only to visit a new addition to the family! Another time, another shopping trip.

Dear beccy. Yes, I'm interested to see what happens too. It's quite interesting being in such a young nation - and I thought Australia was 'young'! (only 107 years since federation...)

Dear enidd. Oh, you're more informed than me. It helps that you can see Maidan Nezalezhsdlkfjdl from your window. That's 100% more informed than moi. I'm not sure. The bubbles and boa party?

Dear karmyn. Well, aren't we all on a quest to do out with the news rags? Here's to blogging! We're so informed.

Dear Luciluna. Congrats, that's great news! I popped over and crossed my fingers on your blog that your offer would be accepted.

Dear willowtree. I'm an aussie remember. I read everything with a mental voice of sarcasm first, cynicism second, then last and by all means least, offence. BTW my neck's getting sore.

Dear claudia. Seriously, I wouldn't be surprised if there actually were a few pink boas down at Maidan at the moment!

Wes said...

Wow, Revolution already. Take care, and hopefully things won't turn nasty.