Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Finally home...

Finally, back in Kyiv.

I've been back for 24 hours and am enjoying the wonderful weather. I'm actually wearing short sleeves! (under my coat).

Today and tomorrow, I have/will be occupied soley with getting live back on track. It seems Mr Moi didn't pay any bills while I was gone, so the internet and cable TV were cut off. (They were number one to get paid today, and have just come back on).

It also seems he couldn't find the sink detergent, or the sink, or both. As he didn't do any washing up while I was gone (to his credit, he was only here for about five nights. He's been temporarily seconded to Moscow... So in a way, I've come home for no reason! He's flying out again tonight).

And I have to catch up on my blog reading... And that will take about a month.

More interesting news to come from tomorrow or the next day...


Robin said...

Dear Little Miss Moi,


Vicki said...

I'm so glad you are home.

Once my husband and children couldn't find the sink for 7 days. I had just returned from an Orphanage in Mexico. I then bought a dishwasher and had it installed. Maybe next time he'll misplace the washer and dryer?

swampwitch said...

Welcome Home. I've not had time to visit much lately. Will be back shortly to catch up on your activities. Your next trip needs to include Colorado...specifically, Grand Junction. And you bet I come with you to the Ale House for a coupla drinks.

mark said...

I'll chime in too - Welcome Home! Glad your journey was safe.

Beccy said...

Welcome home and back to blogging.

Not sure if you noticed earlier but I tagged you on this post:

Only if you feel like doing it!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you got the internet and TV back up. I know I would go insane without those things.

Welcome home!

Karmyn R said...

So - do you FEEL like you are back home? Or - does it just feel like you are back in Kyiv???

willowtree said...

Welcome back, and just in time for the revolution too! Well done. Do you notice any signs of strife or anything? It all looks pretty calm on TV, but who knows what's really happening.

That park is Hilton Moore, at the other end of Wells St. When I said a five minute walk I meant it (it would probably take closer to ten).

ChrisB said...

welcome home. Embee has only recently learned to find the sink and washing machine (after 29 yrs) so there's still hope for Mr Moi !!

Little Miss Moi said...

Dear robin. Thanks mate! It's good to be back.

Dear vicki. Yeah, Mr Moi couldn't find the washer either. And unfortunately, our kitchen won't fit any other dishwasher except a human one.

Dear swampy. Wooo that sounds great. Mr Moi is actually keen on a trip to NC this year, maybe I could convince him to go halfway across the country to Colorado too (he'd be up for it, time permitting). Your photos just looked so fun!

Dear uncle mark. Thanks thanks. Trip was tops. Did some shopping etc. good to be back (with two jars of vegemite).

Dear beccy. OOoohh I did see your post but didn't realise you'd tagged me. I'll do it! Up for a challenge. That's my first tag!

Dear melissa. Yah I reckon! I didn't have to think about what my priorities were yesterday. It's a no-brainer.

Dear karmyn. It feels like I'm back home. Because home is where Mr Moi and my laptop computer are. hehehe.

Dear willowtree. No I didn't notice any signs of the revolution. It's all concentrated around the same square as the orange revolution. I'm interested to see how things go leading up to the election, if indeed it goes ahead. Oh yeah, is that the park heading towards springfield? It's in a dip in the road and there's a small block of shops there. Know it.

Dear chrisb. Oh no... so I have 27 and a half more years to wait...???

enidd said...

welcome home too from enidd! let's have that crimean fizz in the sunshine. (it'll rain now.)

olechko said...

great to have you back! curious to hear what you have to say of the action on nezalezhnist'.

Willowtree said...

In my defense, I did check here before I wrote that other comment and you hadn't commented yet :)

Claudia said...

hm....i had left a comment saying welcome back but it's gone. oh well...welcome back!!

Little Miss Moi said...

Dear enidd. True to your word! It got cloudy yesterday arvo and now it's THREE degrees. Bugger. But Crimean lolly water is great for overcoming the elements. For the first two bottles at least.

Dear olechko. I'll have to talk to you to form an opinion of what's going on in Maidan - expats are totally uninformed. You can be my mentor.


Dear claudia. Thanks! I wonder where all the lost comments go. Either there's a comment thief, or a comment black hole. I imagine all the lost comments are in an infinite storeroom like the doors in Monsters Inc.

Ooookaay freaky enough for you? Yes, my mind is really like that sometimes.