Saturday, April 07, 2007

Photos from the road

Here are some photos from the trip for your eyeballs' pleasure.

Brisbane Water, Central Coast, NSW

The parental home, Brisbane, Queensland

Australia's most easterly mainland point, Byron Bay, NSW

Mountain range near Bellingen, NSW

On the road, Pacific Highway, NSW

National Gallery, London, UK

Punters at Pimlico Markets, London, UK


Sabrina said...

Love the pics!! Looks absolutely fabulous!

Pamela said...


I know the only way I will get to visit these places is through blogs like yours.

So, thanks for the memories.

Claudia said...

Great shots! and what are punters?

Little Miss Moi said...

Dear sabrina. Yes it was a whirlwind. Even I'm looking at the pics and thinking, "Did I really cover all that ground in three weeks?".

Dear pamela. Punter is Aussie slang for customer / audience. So you see punters at a rock and roll concert, you see punters in shops... Confusing when we talk a different language isn't it? I'm glad you're still enjoying the trip.

Dear claudia. Punters - definition above. I just took it for granted that everyone would know! he he.

enidd said...

why did you want to come back to molvania again?

Beccy said...

Is punters an Aussie word? We use it as well!

Looks like you squezzed a lot into your trip.

blueangel said...

Gorgeous photos! It's great that you share them.

Squishy said...

Love the photos chicky.

Anonymous said...

Hey Pamela (my name is also Pameal and we are "all honey")why don't you think that you might travel far and wide? - I am little Miss Moi Mum and never think that you aren't going to go further and further - I am the same as you as in grandmother, mother etc and I was driving the car during all the shots that she took - we were blown off the cliffs of Byron Bay and nearly travelled farther north than the point where the shot was taken. Stunning shots B and I love the "parental home" shot - makes me cry when we are going to crunch it!!!

Anonymous said...

Sorry forgot to add as I am older than my daughter and my grandfather was an SP (short price) bookie on all the horse races in Aus a punter was someone who placed a bet on a horse that was racing!!

The very nice man said...

Nice pictures, girl!
I have still not forgiven you for coming to London without meeting up with me! (sits in corner and frowns)

Little Miss Moi said...

Dear enidd. Well, Bessarabska doesn't look TOO different to the Pimlico markets... Does it??

Dear beccy. Yeah I thought brits might understand punter. I did squeeze a lot into my trip - it was a whirlwind!

Dear blueangel. Thanks! Well, if I didn't put them on my blog, they would be sitting in a dusty folder on my C drive.

Dear amelita. Thanks. Didn't put up too many of Brisbane to make you feel sad I hope.

Dear very nice man. Ahhh s'ok I'll be back again. I'll be scared about telling you I'm in town though cause I don't want to go on a six mile walk! Talk about scary.