Tuesday, May 22, 2007


I'm so stupid when it comes to northern hemisphere seasons that, when I learned the names of the months and seasons in my Russian lesson, my teacher also had to tell me which months belonged to which season.

"Yeez, Leetle Meez Mva, vesna eez spring, eend ze months are March, April, May. Repeat after mee, spring eez... March, April, May."

But, now that I'm here and have lived through a cold Christmas and New Year, and am living through a summery May, I'm getting the gist of the seasons.

So I was more than a little suprised when I logged onto one of my daily newspaper reads, smh.com.au and saw the headline, 'First snow brings winter delight'.

"What?" I thought. "It's summer, how dumb ARE they?" (yes. I really did think that, when I should have been thinking, "Oh, this El Nino palaver, turning the seasons upside down." Either way, it was a stupid train of thought).

Then I remembered it's winter in Australia. Well, in some parts. I've never personally lived through a proper winter until this past year's in Kyiv. To prove point: I just checked Wunderground.com.

The current temperature in Kyiv, Ukraine: 24 degrees
The current temperature in Brisbane, Australia: 23 degrees
This crappy post about the weather: Pricelessly crap


mind the gap said...

As a pom I love talking about the weather. But why is it 24C outside and 28C inside this darn flat?

willowtree said...

You are not alone (and you are not stupid). I never got used to the seasons being arse backwards.

enidd said...

the town hall clock says it's 40 degrees here... and that was a very boring comment.

Little Miss Moi said...

Dear enidd. Firstly, I think you mean your kitchen clock. Secondly, I wrote the post at 8:30 this morning, and I realised I forgot to mention that. So thanks for putting the wow factor into my post.

Wes said...

It is quite delicious in Brisbane, no humidity and lovely autumn days, however, I wish it would rain more!

Beccy said...

23 or 24 degrees here would be considered almost heatwave temperatures!

melissa said...

I can keep the seasons straight, but I will never get celsius right. Despite my many science classes wherein I had to use celsius, I will always react, "24? It's 24 there? That's freezing."

I think I just beat enidd in boring comments.

Karmyn R said...

I'm with Melissa - the only reason I know Celsius is because of my science background.

Is it true that in Australia the water drains down the sink in the opposite direction too?

Stephanie said...

No offense intended, but they call Australia the Land of Oz 'cause things just don't make sense there. Like Christmas in summer!

Oh, it's 90 degrees Fahrenheit in Houston. Yeah, that's about 32 degrees C. It'll get worse. Much worse. It'll be over 40 degrees by August.

theotherbear said...

It was freezingly winter here yesterday in Sydney and only got to 15C! That is 59F for the people who live in places that did not convert to the metric system. And that is darned cold for Sydney.
I was so homesick for summer the year we did Christmas in Canada. It was snowing, and cold and horrible, and all I could think was "It's Christmas, we should be hot, and swimming!"